SEO Strategic Plan

What’s involved in advanced SEO strategy and our strategic plan for a successful search engine optimization campaign? Well, it’s most certainly not a plan devised to game search engine results and suffer penalties the way businesses like J.C. Penny and Overstock have. It also has very little to do with hiring people in third world countries to write and post garbage over the Internet or to use sophisticated software to essentially clutter the internet with nonsense.

When our team sits down at a table with Matt Cutts, spam police at Google, and thought leaders in search marketing, we dare not discuss techniques or SEO strategy that puts our clients in danger of being penalized.

Rather, we discuss quantifiable business rules and creative visibility tactics where data is partially sourced from advertising with the leading search vendors. In doing so, we learn what content users and search engine crawlers approve (even like) in the form of landing page optimization, which reduces return rates to search results and improves quality score. We learn how to build relevance by analyzing click trends and search behavior from language that improves click-through rate (CTR), improves quality score, and reduces per click costs.

 What we don’t learn from paid advertising, we can easily get by analyzing industry and competitor activity. From a 30,000 foot view, we can see keyword trends, social media themes, and start to organize activities in expansion channels such as video and Flash media, mobile platform development, smartphone-powered suggestion engines, geo-targeting and re-targeted media.

At a micro level, our advanced web analytics pull a full competitor meta data, title and page language themes, HTML and XML sitemaps, taxonomy, page nomenclature, local citation categories, keyword themes, citations and inbound hyperlink data. We pull out our microscopes and pick apart every possible on-page and off-page strategy your competitors have in their arsenal, determine whether or not the strategy is working and even worthwhile, ultimately adding to a glass jar we’ll come back to after we’ve analyzed dozens of the largest competitors in your industry.

Whether you use our team or your own internal team to implement your search optimization campaign, our advanced SEO Strategic Plans is the starting point for a results-oriented SEO campaign that delivers. Below is a screenshot from a recent SEO Strategic Plan we built for a Fortune 1000 client.

SEO Strategic Plan includes:

  • SEO Assessment
  • Obstacle Analysis Report (OAR)
  • [Optional] CMS Compatibility Audit
  • 1 Hour Advanced SEO Consultation with “SEO Expert” Steve Wiideman
  • Mobile Readiness Report
  • Competitive Analysis Report (CAR)
  • Exhaustive Keyword Research
  • Link Analysis Report (LAR)
  • Content Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Initial Keyword Ranking w/ 5 Competitors
  • Gantt-Based Resource & Tactic Design
  • Creative Search Strategies
  • Project Management Setup
  • [Optional] Local SEO Strategy
  • [Optional] eCommerce SEO Strategy

Pricing starts at $3,500.

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